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the Bare Campers

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camp bare in the woods
The Bare Campers are a small but growing group of men and women dedicated to the advancement of family naturist recreation in Central Florida. All of our activities are conducted with such moral standards that families and children are always welcome. By maintaining high moral standards based on Judeao-Christian principles we create an environment safe for the entire family.

As our name suggests, we enjoy being outdoors and nude without many of the intrusions of modern society. We encourage a basic, "Back to Nature" form of nude recreation that recalls a time when a nude weekend was truly an affordable family affair. Family time is quality time, and what better way to reconnect with your family than by spending time together in a wholesome, stress free environment with like minded folks. To be nude in the great outdoors allows your body to experience the sun, wind and yes even the rain on every part of your body. When you free yourself from the restrictions of clothing you can fully understand the beauty and simplicity of the human body and understand that you are truly a part of the natural world. As naturists we enjoy a special bond with this place we call Earth. A Native American proverb says "we did not inherit the earth from our fathers,
rather we are borrowing it from our children”. To fulfill this statement, we hope to establish "
Camp Bare In The Woods", the nations first earth friendly naturist campground and wilderness recreation area in the near future. 

Our membership consists of a mix of couples (a couple is defined as male and female), families with children and single persons of good character.

We are affiliated with the American Association for Nude Recreation "AANR" as a travel or non-landed club. This means that we do not own a permanent facility or property, instead we utilize public lands such as the National Forests, rented or leased land and members homes and property for our activities.

We are operated as a 501-c-4 not for profit coporation to keep our rates affordable for everyone. As a 501-c-4 we cannot offer a tax exempt status for donations, but we encourage you to consider donations to furthur the development of naturist activities in Central Florida. Our future plans call for the development of an earth friendly, naturist campground and recreation facility, convienient to the attractions of Central Florida. See our
camp bare in he woods page for more information.

No matter if you are new to the world of nude recreation, or a dedicated nudist we welcome you to join us !